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“The courtyard is phenomenal,” said Blanchard. “We did prom there in the spring. I can see us doing other dances and other student events there. It’s just a great space for kids to be during lunch and at different times of the school day.” A view of Chapel Hill High’s amphitheater and courtyard. A view of a new tiger mural seen from the center of the courtyard. In addition to providing a nice courtyard for students to relax, Blanchard said this closed off building model will create a safer school environment. “So now, for safety, you can keep all of the students and campus contained and you really don’t even have to go outside to get from one building to another,” said Blanchard. “Whereas the other campus, there were exterior doors. It was very easy to get to just because of the old design of the building. But now to get in the building, you either have to come through our main doors of A building or what we call the C-D connector that comes off of the student parking lot.” Other safety upgrades include the installation of shatterproof windows at the entrance of each classroom and new security cameras around campus. Also included in the construction process was the renovation of buildings B and C, as well as the creation of the E building. The E building now houses an auto shop and public safety classrooms for fire and EMT training – which used to operate out of the cafeteria. Chapel Hill High’s new auto shop in the E building. Chapel Hill High’s public safety classroom for it’s fire and EMT classes. Other improvements include the addition of a new student parking lot, six tennis courts, a fitness room, and a culinary lab. Plus, a media center, gender neutral bathrooms, a black box theater, and a dance studio. Chapel Hill High’s six new tennis courts. Chapel Hill High’s new black box theater for the drama department. Finally, the high school also now has flex furniture for administrative offices, classrooms, and extended learning spaces, which Blanchard said will help create a safe and welcoming environment as students return to the classroom August 23. “We’re just super excited. This high school, it is the Chapel Hill high school.

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With the line of cars on U.S. 15-501 stretching north of Memorial Drive, I had lots of time to recall my years of nearly seamless flows into Washington, D.C., traffic circles. There were reasons. First, the smaller Washington circles slow traffic to under 25 mph, a pace that allows drivers to enter without fear of being run down. Second, Washington circles have two or more lanes, and those allow drivers to move to inside lanes until they get ready to exit. That frees up the entrance lane. Although we are stuck with a circle designed for less traffic, drivers can help the situation. They can slow down around the circle to allow hesitant drivers to enter. And they can understand that yield signs are not stop signs. If I am second in line to enter the circle, I assume that when the car ahead of me moves, I may be able to follow immediately. I watch the approaching traffic for gaps and carefully watch the car ahead of me to get ready to follow it. Sometimes we are three or four alert drivers moving into the circle.  Publisher’s Note: This is a letter to the editor, submitted by a reader, and reflects the opinion of the author. The Pilot welcomes letters from readers on its Opinion page, which serves as a public forum. The Pilot is not in the business of suppressing public opinion. We are a forum for community debate, and publish almost every letter we receive. For information on how to make a submission, visit this page: